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January 23rd, 2013, 08:17 AM
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Cloth diapers...??!!?? You know, I used that cloth diaper service about 20 years ago with #2, and never used cloth again. I love the idea of cloth and the cute factor of them and being good for the enviroment ect ....but I just have not a clue how to find time to wash them all and how to use them now and so on and so on...Im not sure how good they are for the skin and I just have tons of Q's about them lool....I do admire others who can find time to manage it. Im planning sposies unless someone can change my mind.

HAA the bed side slung leg thingy totally makes sense to me...I do it...and use a pillow between my legs..Im totally a side sleeper.

Heidi..? That sounds painful your hip issues. Have you ever been diagnosed with si-joint problems? I have chronic sacriolittis which is really aggrivated by pregnancy. with my #5 it was so severe that by the time I delivered him I was not able to walk! The symptoms are similar to what you described. I did physical therapy for 3 months before I could walk and when I could walk it was with a very specific "limp" ....I really would ask your doc to test you for it and maybe could recommend some excercises to do to help prevent serious issues developing.

Im not trying to scare you please dont take it that way Heidi. Its just your symptoms could be a light form of it. or not. In any case I really hope your hip doesnt give you very many problems and alot of women get "sore hips" because of the way hormones relax joints during pregnancy. Its no fun. Im sure things will be good for you since your doctor is monitoring you but may be worth a mention.

This pregnancy I seem to be tired. I have 4 little ones though 6 and under so that Im sure is playing into it. But is so far not the hardest one. Yes I some of my children born outside the USA...including UK, Saudi Arabia and my and Dh joke that we could have a united nations soon....lloool

Do you have any hobbies? What type of activities does your family enjoy doing together? Do you blog?
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