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January 23rd, 2013, 09:44 AM
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No way are you overreacting. My DF tried to pull something like this with me a few weeks ago. They told us the three people in the room rule, and he asked who I was picking. I said "just you, I don't want anyone else in there" and he said "well, what about MY two picks?" Because I'm allowed three people BESIDES my "coach" (DF) he took that to mean that we each got two picks and that he counted as one of mine. What?! I looked at him and said "You don't HAVE two picks. I have four. And right now you're lucky I'm choosing you." He got all hang-dog about it and wanted his sister (who I adore, but don't want there regardless) in the room. Finally I just snapped and said "Fine - we'll put YOU flat on your back with your knees pulled up under your chin, a glaring spotlight on your genitals, and a massive foreign object pushing its way out of one of your orifices and the I get to pick a few people to come watch, including my sister. Sound fun?"

That shut him up REAL fast.

The fact is, it is YOUR body on display, YOUR body doing the work, and YOU who needs to feel comfortable, safe, and as relaxed as possible for things to go smoothly. YOU are the one bringing this baby into the world, and it's a lot of work, and he needs to respect that it's your right to control how that happens (and who is there) as much as is possible. His mother does NOT have a "right" to be there. Especially because her "right" to be there would override YOUR right to be comfortable and in control of the environment. This is YOUR baby, not hers - YOUR body, not hers, and YOUR rights and desires trump hers in this situation.

And if she gives you grief, ask her how she'd like it if you tagged along to her next pelvic exam and stood by her ankles while they did a pap smear.

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