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January 23rd, 2013, 06:09 PM
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Amazes me how someone else could ever think they have a 'right' or 'get to decide' who is involved in the birthing process besides the one birthing!! My goodness! It is your whooha on display!! Do not let anyone make you feel bad for your decision.

I like the scenario above ^^ to give that should put it in perspective for him
When I had DD we had a group of people in the waiting room, my mom,dad and gma, MIL,FIL,SIL, SIL friend, MIL & FIL 2 friends and we said no one in the room until DD born. I did request my momma in early labor and then kicked her out. I also remember FIL coming in to bring something to us then my dad and I told everyone that tried to come in(even if I told them to bring me something) to get the F*** out of the room and not to come back!! HAHA.

Moral of the story You may want to give even your mom & friend the heads up that you may end up not wanting anyone in the room one the party gets started so not to be offended

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