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January 24th, 2013, 07:48 AM
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Aw, best of luck to your daughter! I hope it goes well - the independence might be nice for both of you. I know what you mean about not stirring things up with your husband. Sometimes I am amazed at what my husband will worry about. I always assumed I would be the bigger worrier in the family - hah!

Thanks for mentioning sacroilliitis as something to look into. I looked it up and it does seem like a possible match. Is everything ok with that for you, now?

I am not surprised that you are tired, with four little ones! That would make me tired at the best of times. Good for you, for managing it all.

So... hobbies. My husband and I used to hike a lot. Our favorite thing to do was get out of town and poke around somewhere. Way back when we met, he liked to surf and play soccer, and I was doing karate. By now all of this has fallen by the wayside (except if you count toddler friendly walks as hikes). I like to run (when not pregnant), read and watch a few TV shows (Downton Abbey is my favorite right now), and when we get out as a family, it's usually to do something kid-oriented or house-oriented. Our favorites as a whole family are probably the local arboretum, botanical garden, and indoor plant conservatory (which is nice and tropical during our cold winter!). I'm also trying more recipes these days. Nothing ground-breaking, but we prepared such unvaried meals at home before children, that it all still feels pretty novel. What are your hobbies and family activities? I bet you have some good ideas by now!
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