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January 24th, 2013, 01:11 PM
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That's what we are confused about. I have a hyperovulation gene that runs on both sides of my family. If I have that, it has been known to cause fraternal twins and sometimes a second pregnancy at different gestation. But, that is so rare I can barely toy with the notion. In two weeks I get another ultrasound and they will see what's going on for sure.

The midwife didn't even know there was a surgery to remove the septum. I will have to see a doctor about it if I want it removed. We aren't sure we are going to worry about it unless it causes a problem. The biggest issue is if anything tried to implant on the septum and that hasn't happened yet (Fingers Crossed). So we think if we can hold off on surgery, we will try.

Right now I'm guessing BO, but I really want to just be that rare case anomaly. But I never get to be that girl! I think right now I am just sad because we thought we were 10 weeks and now we are just nothing.

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