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September 4th, 2006, 02:53 PM
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I have never used sonlight. I am actualy also buying the Apoligia science books but not till first or second grade. Horizons K I think is advanced. Reilly and declans mom on here uses Horizons she would be the person to ask about that.

If your wanting to save money then I would print out the list of reading books and go show it to your local librian and see what she/he says first. You may find your local libary has or can get all, or some of the books. Then I would look around the second hand boards like ebay and Vegsource. I'm also thinking the Sonlight Forums might have a sell or swap board as well. As to what you need...thats a mute point. I wouldn't be buying half that for K but if thats what you want.....

This is my plan For K, but then I think K should be more fun and that it has become way too academic so I do not plan to push it.
I will be doing some maths- Math-U-See, but also game days, and cooking days.
For LA I am buying the complete Alphabet Island phonics, this actualy also includes a K math book and penmenship. I don't know yet if I will even use the penmenship part. I might hold off on that to at least the middle of the year or even till first grade. I might just let my daughter drew and practice letters as she pleases. Keep a little nature journal. There are also heaps of print outs free online.
Five In A Row literature unit studies. These touch on Bible, geography, LA, Maths and science.
I think some fun experiments from a cheaper book or off the net is enough at K level. Bible I think is fine to just read from a children Bible and or children devotional. I wouldn't be doing recorder for K either. Plenty of people don't even buy a curriculum for K and thats fine too.

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