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January 24th, 2013, 09:06 PM
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It's a boy! J came 6 weeks early by unscheduled c-section due to sudden and severe pre-eclampsia. My midwife introduced induction, but that was really to prime me for a c-section because it turned out I was too sick for a long labor. (And not at all dilated, not a single contraction, it would have had to be one heck of an induction.)

Not getting the natural childbirth I hoped and prepared for is something that I will feel sad about for a long time, I know. But after some consideration, I still feel like I had a Bradley delivery. Bradley was like the pre-birth version of premarital counseling for my husband and I. It helped get us on the same page, strengthened our ability to ask good questions and advocate for ourselves (because we felt well-informed, we knew what kinds of questions to ask), and the information and practices that were part of the course have been unbelievably helpful as we deal with having a baby still in the hospital and journey through breastfeeding.

I know this isn't the sort of thing that is for everyone. But if taking a more extensive course on child birth is something you're considering, I would highly recommend it. People said to us that it was silly to spend so much time learning how to push a baby out when people do it all the time. But we learned a lot more than just how to push a baby out, which is a good thing, since I didn't have the opportunity to push a baby out.

Hopefully I'll have more by way of actual "natural childbirth" to discuss with our next baby. VBAC here we come. (Or, maybe HBAC? That would be awesome. I'm ready!)

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