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January 24th, 2013, 10:02 PM
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Omigod. I just spent 2 hours talking this all out with a friend of mine. So far I've created this list (aiming for everything I need newborn to toddler):

6 Kawaii diapers from Amazon $8-$10 each

24-36 prefolds (4x8x4 layers, unbleached hemp or cotton) Struggling with pricing. The number of prefolds for washing every other day

3-6 hemp liners $5-$7 each. This is for night time deep soakings -mega peeing when baby sleeps longer. You lay these on top of your prefolds or flat diaper.

2-3 sets of Boingo snaps $5 each. My friend recommended these over snappis because they don't pull against the stomach.

1 yard of fleece to cut into diaper sized strips. You lay these strips on top of your pre-fold/flat diaper to wick wetness away from the skin and to make dumping poo easier. It will also spare your prefold/flat diaper from staining.

Wet diaper bag $16 was the cheapest I saw.

All said and done about $300. I need to get cheaper than that. I'm looking at Econobums which boasts that it can give you a complete system for $100. But apparently double gussets around the legs are best and Econobums only do single.

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