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January 25th, 2013, 07:22 AM
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So school went really well for DD. She said her teacher kept calling her sweetheart...lool...bus thing I ended up driving her and she took it home and loved it. no school today.

Ya my sacrioliitis is chronic so its always a bother but I have flares. osteoarthritis in my l4-l5 area also bothers me sometimes worse than others. The important thing for me is to stay active and do my excerises. I do have to take pain meds sometimes when its really bad also. But im thankful cus it could be so much worse and its not ...Im "good to go" still

When my 3 olders boys ( sooo many years ago lol ) were younger we did alot hiking biking and day camping type activities. It seems they and us probablly were alot more outdoorsy than now. My 4 littles now we have adapted to doing alot of activities indoors. Partly cus of traveling so much and things not sure. But yeah we love doing arts and crafts projects. I make batches of playdo all the time so thats a big hit. The library has always been a habit for us. The littles also enjoy indoor playgrounds. We like the zoo. We and I mostly, enjoy cooking. I too, enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. Keeping the littles involved is fun at times.

So anything new with you symptom wise? Are having a baby shower? Are you registered yet anywhere?
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