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January 25th, 2013, 07:43 AM
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Posts: 1 glad I found this post. Just found out I am pregnant and was taking 10mg once a day since March 2012. I tried to quit completely ASAP but experienced rapid heartbeat & palpatations, panic attacks, rage, etc. It was horrible. So I spoke to my dr. about a plan to taper off. Had no clue how addictive diazepam could be (to my body, at least).

I am currently reducing by 1mg every 2 weeks, right now at 9mg and will reduce to 8mg on Monday. So far a little bit of nervousness and my heart rate is high, but the slow taper is better than quitting "cold turkey". I just want to say thank you to everyone that commented on this thread, I found it very reassuring and my husband doesn't understand at all. He thinks I should just be able to stop the diazepam immediately so I feel very alone with no one to talk to. I'm so scared the medication could affect the baby.

I'm a SAHM mom to a two 1/2 year old with sensory processing disorder (he dooesn't chew any food) and we have him in both private feeding therapy and our state's early intervention program. We've had little success with both, all he will eat is Stage 3 baby food and regular oatmeal with mashed banana. I also try to stay busy with a freelance administrative assistant business. But there's a lot of stressors and I just hope I'll be able to handle not being on any type of anti-anxiety meds for the duration of the pregnancy. Thank you for giving me hope. :-)
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