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January 25th, 2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Valkyrie View Post

As we've been talking about essential oils....

  1. What are your favorite smells/scents?
  2. Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what?
  3. What are your least favorite smells/scents?
  4. Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what?
  5. What are your favorite perfumes/colognes?
1. Cinnamon/Spice/Vanilla. Scents(perfumes) Tabu, Chantilly Lace, Beautiful
2. Smells...perfumes do not candle smells/scents. Tabu reminds me of my childhood and my mom and grandma cuz they both wore it. Beautiful because its the first gift Dan got me and I love the smell...reminds me of simple, happy times.
3. Pine, New Car(LOL)
4. No real memories attached to any of them
5. See above

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