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January 25th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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Just wondering if you ladies tell your family/friends you're TTCing, or keeping hush...AND, how do people react when you tell them...? I'm just wondering...I've told two people who 1)aren't on Facebook, so I know it won't get told to my online world and 2) don't know each other and don't even hang in the same circles...I don't really have much blood family around anymore, and my DH's "family"---well, let's just say we don't talk to them much about anything, and it's just more peaceful that way.

I found (and am so happy) this site and group so I can have a place to talk about this journey...but for others, how did you do/say things? Just wondering...I guess I just don't feel like hearing another 'well meaning' person ask "Aren't you afraid of your baby having (fill in the blank) because you're so old?"


Thank you
I am *NOT* giving up...and fingers crossed and best wishes to all on this site!
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