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January 25th, 2013, 12:57 PM
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That is good. I am glad that you are going on bed rest. I know it is not fun, but it is what held my babies in for a solid 5 extra weeks after I went into labor so it is definitely effective

I am reallly really happy they are watching your cervix closely. Did they tell you what the length was? My last one was 3.5cm... which is okay but still not fabulous. I always like to know what it is at because it helps me gage how much I am going to push myself that week, KWIM?

25 weeks is a good place to stop working. Honestly, every pregnancy I count down the weeks until 24 weeks. That is viability. And to me, that is when I start to feel okay. Of course you want to have them in there as long as possible.. but I used to get a calendar and start crossing off the weeks after that as a blessing and a gift that the baby was still in there baking

Oh and I am not sold on the belt yet. I just got it yesterday and tried it out. It didn't seem to help much. I guess maybe when I am really big it might be better.
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