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01. What types of portable audio devices do you use? I use my iphone but I used to have a SanDisk that lasted me all through university and I was quite happy with it.
02. What format of music do you listen to most often? Do you mean like, digital files vs. the radio or a cd? In that case digital files. If you mean like .mp3 vs. wma or .mpg or something then whatever my music is available in.
03. How do you get your electronic music files? (pay service [i.e Napster, iTunes, eMusic, etc.], file sharing, artist/label web sites, etc.) Almost always torrents.
04. What type of headphones do you use? I don't usually use headphone unless I have to. Mine are from an airport store and they are the squishy ones that go right into your ears.
05. What is currently on your portable music player that you are using? (Post artist, album title, please.) Oh I have no idea, I don't even know where my phone is at the moment. I think I was listening to something by Rise Against last. There's about 6 GB of music on my phone, I just can't remember.

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