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January 25th, 2013, 06:33 PM
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I'm just wondering if anyone else's LO is having speech problems?
My son is starting to see a speech therapist. Actually, he has one at the school he's in who is working with him 3 days a week and a speech therapist that comes in once a week from the child development center to work with him. He struggles quite a bit with his speech. For people like myself who have been around him all the time, they find it impossible to understand all.

He has definitely improved some, but I'm noticing now that my daughter is starting to use my sons words, rather than saying things the right way.
I'm not too sure what to do other than what I am doing already. Which is correctly their speech, breaking down the words, a lot of rhyming stories and poems, etc.

Is anyone else going through this and if so, what strategies are you using to work through it?

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