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January 26th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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I have had a similar experience. When Elliott was 5 weeks old, I was zombified. My boyfriend worked, so I got up every two hours and barely slept. It was hard to sleep when the baby slept when he would sleep for an hour at a time, and I needed time to fall asleep too! I got to the point where I was a zombie. He was crying one day, non stop, and I yelled at him to stop crying as well while he sat in his swing.

There have been other otimes where he has thrown a complete fit and I get frustrated and just walk away from him. My boyfriend has even told him to shut up once! I know this sounds horrible, but fussy babies are annoying. I have never heard, "Oh, I love the sound of a baby crying!" lol

Don't feel bad. I have even patted his mouth while he was crying to make him sound like an indian and not be as hurtful to my ears. I wouldn't suggest the hand on the mouth thing though, as tempting as it is! You did good by getting a change of scenery. Sometimes kids get too tired and don't know what they want! Talk to your wife about it though. You will feel loads better.
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