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January 27th, 2013, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by MammaWannaBe View Post
Decided to take the 8-12 shift and of course she screamed the entire time. I think she is just working on a poop. Now my DH is on till 5 and she's sleeping like a baby.

Another uncomfortable night sleep ahead for me as my boobs are painfully engorged, leaking, and I smell like old cabbage since apparently that is the only way to dry up milk. It hurts to hold her against my chest. God help me I thought deciding to give up pumping would be the hardest part of this experience
So sorry! Being engorged stinks! Hopefully it won't last much longer for you!

We started our nightly routine a little early and got Ember to bed by 9. She slept 5 hours and now I'm up feeding her. Normally I do the diaper change, nurse and then give her the extra bottle of breastmilk, but tonight I'm trying to nurse, diaper change and then bottle. She hates her diaper changes and it really wakes her up so I'm hoping by doing it in the middle she will be more content so she won't get so upset during the change. We will see if this helps her get back to sleep quicker, we are usually up for 90 minutes once she gets up and I'm hoping to get that down to 60 minutes.

How is everyone else's night going?

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