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January 27th, 2013, 12:21 PM
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Hello! I guess I'll start out with some history first.. Me and Dh have been ttc since dec. 2011 when I wen off bc. I had 4 cycles that ranged from 28-33 days each then a 38 day one and next a 51 day one. This cycle is currently on cd 165! On June 18 2012 I was diagnosed with pcos that is when I started taking ttc more seriously. It wasn't until August that I started to track bbt occasionally and it was very sporadic so I didn't do it that often. I got referred to a fertility specialist in oct last yr and put on a 10 month waiting list (6.5 mos to go). In the mean time I asked if I could be put on metformin which my dr agreed to. So it's been a month an a half on met and i feel better and my temps have levelled out. I have been temping on and off since goin on met. And I thought I'd ovulated 5 days ago. My temp never goes above 36c and it went to 36.08, 36.14, 36.08, 36.02, 35.97... The last two are below my coverline and I'm wondering if this would even be considered o? I'm so stressed out about all this !!
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