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January 27th, 2013, 03:37 PM
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Hey ladies. I haven't been around much because I have been so busy with work and personal life and all. Everything is just really chaotic at the moment. I still lurk a lot and really should be posting more. I love reading everyone's updates and I try to comment sometimes. Anyway, my anatomy scan is Feb. 7 and I really can't wait! I am so jealous that so many people have found out already! I had a guess of boy by the ultrasound tech at my 13 week scan but I know that's super early so I didn't read too much into it, although this pregnancy is so different than the one with my daughter and I do feel as though I am having a boy.. we will see!

I am not having a good pregnancy though.. I just can't seem to catch a break and be able to enjoy it. I don't feel good at all. My belly and weight gain is already enormous and I am barely halfway there.. there is so much pressure on my bladder/uterus/abdomen it feels like a weight is pushing my lower insides all the way down.. there is like shooting pain in my area down there (sorry too much information there), and the lower back pain is ridiculous.. I am just miserable Please tell me I am not alone!

Also, my boyfriend makes comments about my pregnancy that upset me.. like he will be "joking" but I feel like he means them like talking about my size right now and everything.. it just isn't fun lol

So how is everyone here doing? I need to confess and say that I know I am pregnant but it's like I am not living in reality, like I don't believe another baby will be here physically with me soon..I have only bought a few onesies.. nothing more. I feel bad. Hopefully this anatomy scan will pump me up! I am so excited to find out so I can call the baby by his/her name!
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