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January 27th, 2013, 04:36 PM
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Yeah its the same with me. Very few female friends and my family is so hush hush.
See I had my daughter cremated but never got any type of service or funeral type of closure. I feel like it never really finished. That I still havent said goodbye. I need that closure so I talk about her any chance I get. My husband and I have 2 other kids to care for that need us to be strong but I couldnt bring myself to tell my 8 yr old daughter that her baby sister was cremated-it would freak her out. So she just continuously asks when we're going to bury her. Which makes it worse. I often wonder the same though if people are just moved on and dont think about her anymore or what? How can you recover so easily from something so tragic? I have talked to a few counselers from the MISS foundation which has been really helpful. Maybe you can try that out and see if it helps you also...?

RIP Bristol Grace 10/28/12-11/19/12
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