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January 27th, 2013, 08:02 PM
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Ok trying a new schedule tonight. Baby last fed at 9:30pm. dH is on 10-2 I'm on 2-6 then we are both up at 6 and each take turns showering while the other listens/cares for the baby. Then have some breakfast and DH starts work.

I'll prob be on around 3ish so we'll see how this goes.

Also is anyone's DH sort of being a baby about...the baby? My DH is a do anything kind of guy and I think a baby has totally thrown him through a loop. He totally uses the fact that he has to work full time (from home and not in demand every hour of the day mind you) as an excuse to why he needs more sleep or needs me to do more. Sort of pisses me off and I hope when my mom leaves on tues he steps up more. He usually doesn't shy away from hard work which makes this sort of upsetting

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