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January 27th, 2013, 09:20 PM
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I'm about to go to bed but I'm a bit nervous about tonight. Here's why:

11:00PM Lastnight we bathed Eli before bed, fed him and put him down in his crib.

6:00AM this morning he finally wakes up! Then he ate and went back to sleep!

9:00AM Woke again for food. Stayed up after this feeding.

12:00PM nods back off as we pack for Grammas

2:00PM DH & I went to a funeral till about 5, leaving the kids with Gramma & Grandpa. They took them for a walk with the stroller and my mom said he ate fine and had minimal awake time before passing back out.

6:00PM We picked him up (left DD) and then went to a retirement party at 6:30. He slept all the way thru it and didn't wake when we left at about 9.

9:30 PM we got home and woke him to change him and feed him and, you guessed it- asleep again! So we've put him in his crib and I'm nervously heading off to sleep, wondering how tonight will go! I'm scared he'll want to have his awake time in the middle of the night and screw up our schedule!

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