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January 28th, 2013, 12:43 AM
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Sorry, your feeling so upset.
Take a breath and look around.
Women these days are capable of so much and the thought of single parenting is the "norm"
many women decide to have their child due to the idea that "theres life groeing inside of you"

Im a college student, currently taking my last 3 classes for my degree, a full time worker and I am 24 weeks pregnant. Due in May.
Its an intense feeling to realize you are carrying a child. I can relate. I didnt accept my pregnancy till I was 3 months along. By then the babys father had gone and I was alone. Its a scary feeling at first but with a support network all these are possible. Its okay to be scared. Cry if it helps, but remember, you dont want to give badvibes to your baby.
As for the guy, let him decide his choice. He doesnt want to grow up or own up. His loss. You just be a wonderful mommy.

Good luck
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