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January 28th, 2013, 03:15 AM
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Love this..

Debra Anneliesa: Debra is the name of my mother, who passed away at 33 from breast cancer. Ann is my grandmas middle name, my aunts first name but my grandma does not like the name Ann. So I figured out some random way to spell it.

Kaydence Michelle: Kaydence, I heard in the movie American Pie The Wedding and I loved it. Michelle is for Joes dad Michael who passed away 1 month before she was born.

Nolan Joesph Trimble: Nolan well we are huge huge baseball fans, and Nolan Ryan is amazing ball player. Joesph, yes spelled that way is a tradtion in Joes family. All the first boys have Joesph somewhere in their name. Trimble was my grandma who raised me but passed away maiden name.

Baby #4...
middle name Marie , after my sister
Middle name Matthew, after my brother in law

Sami, married to Joe, mama to Debra (9), Kaydence (7), Nolan (2) and Jarek born 6/26/2013, unassisted at home

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