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January 28th, 2013, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by mal91011 View Post
Yep dh is an old man ( nine years older than me) and I have a 21 year old step daughter. Luckily for me hes been pre trained in daddyhood!
Your step daughter is 4 years younger than me so....maybe you should adopt me so she has a closer in age sibling? haha jk

Originally Posted by MommaTooters View Post
When dh and I had our first child together he was very hands off for a while. Until I blew up one day and asked him what his deal was. He said he felt disconnected because I seemed to know how to do it all and he didn't. So I had to step back and let him do a few more things that I didn't know I was selfish about doing myself.

And ditto whoever said the thing about men interacting with the babies when they are more active and alert. Men like instant gratification. So when a one week old doesn't respond to them it's not as rewarding as the three month old who might smile.
Thanks for the advice mama! I realize sometimes I try to micro manage how he deals with the baby which totally emasculates him and who is to say my way is the right way? As long as the baby isn't in danger I need to let him do his thing. At the same time, he needs to be more hands on. I am going to wait and see how things go when my mom leaves and hopefully he steps up more. If not I just need to be vocal and get is a** in gear. My DH is very logical and the baby is a problem he can't always solve and I think it really throws him off. He is a good dad and he was amazing when we were in the hospital, but I think he is having a hard time adjusting to this new lifestyle we need to live.

Hope everyone had a good night's sleep!

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