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January 28th, 2013, 06:05 AM
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Frustrated. Got a big dump of snow last night, and now freezing rain on top of that, so the roads are crap. DH's commute is over an hour at the best of times, it's probably going to take him over 2 hours today. I have to go grocery shopping this morning and I don't like driving in this weather.

Mealtimes are becoming a battle lately. DD has always been picky, but for the last little while she's been pretty good about eating what she's given. Now in the last week or so, she'll take 3 bites and then start whining (I HATE whining) about how she's not hungry and she's tired and she wants to lay down and she's bored and she hates food, etc. etc. etc. I'm done with it.

DH and DD have a checkup with the family doctor today. And I have to go because they're both phobic about doctors. DD screams her head off and clings to me in terror (even though our family doctor is wonderful and not at all scary) and DH just won't go if I don't make him. And if I don't go, he'll just tell her he's in perfect health, even though he's not.

So yep. Frustrated is the mood today.

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