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January 28th, 2013, 06:41 AM
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I used my original picture from 2010 to start with (the one at 162 lbs), because, amazingly, I stopped at 162 lbs AGAIN after having Lucas, even though I started out at 148 lbs pre-preg (same thing with Caleb). So, just imagine that this 162 lbs is from 2011. The next two pictures are current.

I stayed at 162 lbs for a couple months before I started watching what I eat, and that brought me down to about 155. I had a lot of trouble losing weight after that since it was winter time. Right around summer, I managed to get down to 148 lbs from more exercise and more fresh fruits and veggies.

Then, in the middle of summer 2012, Lucas had his first allergic reaction. After taking him to the allergist and having him tested, I had to cut out all the foods that he tested positive to - which was a lot! I wasn't eating anything with wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, tomatoes, or potatoes in them. A few weeks later, I had to add soy to that list. Sooooo.... That really helped my weight loss. LoL. I was eating practically a Paleo diet: meats, seeds, raw fruits and vegetables, with quinoa and oats as my grains.

I lost weight quickly for the first month-and-a-half as I figured out what I could eat, and once I got a handle on things, I started focusing more on health and continued making healthy choices. When I was allowed wheat back into my diet, my weight loss stalled around 137 lbs. Slowly, I worked my way down to 135, where I remained for a few months. When I stopped stuffing my face with Oreos (I was really excited about having a cookie that only contained wheat, haha!), I lost a few more pounds and hovered around 132 for a couple months.

And now, in January 2013, I've had to again restrict my diet as I wait to have my gallbladder removed. A lot of things can potentially trigger an attack, so here I am, at 129 lbs! My goal weight is between 115-120 lbs.

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