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January 28th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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Madison came about after watching a vh1 show about celebraties naming their kids after the city they were conceived in. Well she was conceived in Madison Heights so Madison stuck Middle name came about after I was trying to think of what sounded good with Madison if I was yelling for or at her

Hailey DH picked and I loved. Elvyrose came about because Elvy was my favorite grandma's middle name that had passed the year before. DH didn't like it on its own so added Rose which is also his moms name. So it became Elvyrose.

This baby, DH likes Zack so we chose Zachary. His middle name will be Michael which is DH's first name. We were going threw girl names and it was a toss up between Chloe and Bethany but he let me chose and I love Chloe. We needed a middle name that starts with E since both our girls have E middle names just like DH. So we came up with Evelyn. The boy will have a M middle name like I have.

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