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January 28th, 2013, 11:40 AM
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UUgg bummer about the garbage disposal. Your Dh sounds like mine..he likes to fix things..he takes it on as a challenge for himself I think...and usually suceeds.

Today DD1 took the bus in the morning. Dh said she was cold but excited. Looks like we will end up waiting to put the other 2 in preschool until Sept.

Yah..I am totally the same. I have been doing great m/s wise and then lately I have been getting these bursts of nausea. Like yesterday while we were out. I had to stop and get something to eat to kinda help it...uugg...but feeling good today. Sorry your not 100% yet either.

Man after seeing the babywearing thread pics...I am totally wanting to try something like that, I mean one of those slings has go to work for my back and neck problems. But my babies tend to love the swing. I got a nice one with both my last ones and both very different but couldnt live without it.

I do save some things after baby. I have to say that I am disapointed that I have lost and had to get rid of alot of things because of moving from country to country. Dh is just now getting the stuff we have stored in UK to here. We had been confused about wether to ship it to Saudia or the USA. We have some big electronics things so its spendy but have decided its better to ship here since we will be for a long while.

I understand about being cautious with your son. Some people are more relaxed about it and it makes me nervous as well. I could not imagine hiring a babysitter I didnt know to our home for a night out either. Id rather stay home cus I spend the whole time out wondering "what if" and not enjoy the night out
We used to get time alone and time out when we had a nanny. Or when my family was in better health to watch the young ones. They are not able to do that now. My older boys enjoy watching them if we need them too. They live on their own now and are very busy with their own stuff so our date night is not very often at this point unless we bring the kids..lool...

I am having a scheduled c-section so I will have either one of my friends or my older boys watch the littles. and Dh will be with me. He will not stay the night most likely and be home with the littles before bedtime.

Maybe your mom could come and stay with your son and make the 4 hour drive into to a couple day stay if you all are up to it. Its hard to plan when your not sure when you will go into labor. Im sure things will work out for you though.

OOh my day is about to get started by noon just after DD1 gets home. Will be having a friend over and baking cupcakes then letting the kids frost them and put the sprinkles. Will be doing some cooking later and getting ready for a busy day tomorrow. The mommy group sounds nice, and ya when large groups of young ones get to together they can make the most of toys and surroundings lool....How did you meet the group? How often do you ladies meet?
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