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January 28th, 2013, 12:28 PM
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I only had my dh in the room with we had our daughter. I told everyone I did not want them. They were all in the waiting room. At one point, my mom got around the nurses and she came in somehow to "bring" me something I did not ask for or to ask if I needed anything, I don't remember. It still makes me mad because she knew I did not want her there beforehand and she forced her way in thinking in a weak moment I would not say anything. Little did she know it made me so angry I yelled at her to please get out!! We do not have a good relationship and she is the biggest cause of stress in my life so I was annoyed. After we had her, we probably had a good hour (they were stitching me up, etc) and the nurses said that the family (mine and dh's) were basically forcing their way down the hall no matter what and couldn't stop them. So yeah, I have to be very forceful because that is how they are.

I totally agree with that everyone has said, that is YOUR decision.

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