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January 28th, 2013, 01:58 PM
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When it comes to things that require a ladder, lawnmower, toolbox, chemicals or heavy lifting, who does it most of the time? It depends. My husband has Parkinson's-like disease and bad tremors. If it's something risky with his tremors, or that will make his tremors worse, then I do it. I do anything that involves a ladder (he's afraid of heights which makes his tremors worse), I use the lawn mower bc he can't, but he trims the bushes, we use tools 50/50 depending on who's inspired, lol, we heavy lift together, etc.

What about the routine stuff inside like changing filters in the fridge or air? Ha- we are terrible home owners and haven't looked into doing this yet....

What about the car(s)? Who takes it in for an oil change (or does it themselves)?
We do this 50/50 as well.
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