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January 28th, 2013, 02:39 PM
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*I'm going to omit DD1's first name for personal reasons. But I will say that it's a virtue. DH was in love with it and it grew on me. We actually decided not to give our children mn's at that time bc a former boss of mine did that will his kids and let them pick their own when they were old enough to not pick something dumb. They picked nice, sensible names. When DD1 was about 6 months old, I let her hold some seed packets (closed of course). She would sit there and flip through them and always was so mesmerized by the "Zinnia" packet. It just seemed so HER and went well with her first name so we went ahead and kept it. However, we never paid to get her birth certificate changed. Guess we will one day.

*For DS, we TTC'd him for a yr and didn't have any luck. We both wanted a boy soo bad. Suddenly, tragedy struck and DH's lil bro died at the age of 18. His only sibling. So when we got pg only 2 weeks after BIL's death, we decided that we would use his name. "Joseph". His mn "Theodore" was a random sporadic idea DH got when he heard the name while we were watching the Cosby show a lot while I was pg. But now DH regrets not making his mn Raymond after his gpa and his own mn. I still like Theodore though.

*DD2 is named "Heidi" bc DH is on love with the character in the book so much bc she's so genuinely sweet. And we decided to stay with the flower mn trend from DD1. Yes, we completely abandoned the "pick your own mn" project. So we decided on "Camellia".

*This one is either Ezekiel Raymond or Emmaline Juniper.
Ezekiel is the first name we ever agreed upon before we ever had kids. It would have been DS's name had BIL not died. I really love it still and we are using the Raymond for DH's gpa.
Emmaline is something DH randomly came up with the other day. I've warmed up to it now. He likes how old fashioned it sounds. That's kinda our "thing". We just decided on Juniper for the mn this afternoon thanks to this thread and "Madison.N.Hailey'sMom (Angie)" So THANKS! Basically, I got to thinking about how the city we live in isnt a name I would like but the area we live in is called Juniper and then I thought about the "June" in Juniper and how it goes with flower mn's even though it's a berry bush. And I instantly had this warm feeling come over me when I said Emmaline Juniper out loud. I immediately called DH and he agreed to it right away. So, YAY! Feels so good to have that settled and right before my 20 week mark tomorrow.
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