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January 28th, 2013, 03:46 PM
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I'm Emily
Nice to meet you!
My little ones are 3 and 6 and Ive been married 8 years now, and the only times we get dates out alone is when my parents can watch our little ones, but we live a bit of a distance so even though theyre happy to watch them for us it still is pretty rare.

We are planning on moving much closer so maybe dates out will be more frequent, especially if they can come over and 'babysit' in the evening when the kids are in bed so they dont have to keep up with them (they're older so I'm sure its more work to keep track of little ones when youre in your 60's)
But they are really great and my kids just love them so everyone is happy about being able to move closer to them and family. The only thing is that
it means DH will have to have to commute to work everyday, and that will be difficult as times for everyone I know...I am praying that in time he might be able to find work closer to our new location so he doesnt have to have such a long drive everyday!
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