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January 28th, 2013, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Valerie.June2013 View Post
I am having a hard time accepting there will really be another baby here in our home in just a couple months. I haven't bought much for the baby yet either and it feels like I am starting to run out of time already!

I am definitely uncomfortable in this pregnancy too. Maybe in some different ways but I have a lot of pressure down there too already. Baby is sitting soooo low Lots of hip and back pain. Boo.

Hope you are hanging in there!
It also feels for me like I am running out of time! I know I need to get moving here but it's like I am frozen lol anyway thanks girl I know what you mean about the back pain it's horrible! I hope you're hanging in there as well!

Originally Posted by Steph625 View Post
You are definitely not alone girl! I have major pressure down there already! Ugh. And my back hurts all the time. Double ugh! Just from experience...I feel even more connected after my anatomy scan. Just because I can call the baby by his name and so forth. I still haven't bought anything yet, except a couple diapers, but that's because I'm sorta waiting after my shower.

Just talk to your boyfriend. Let him know that his joking comments hurt your feeling. That you re more emotional during this time of life. Some men just don't get it. Will he be joining you for the anatomy scan?

Hang in there love! Text me ANYTIME you are feeling down or feeling ANYTHING for that matter! Lots of hugs!!!
Sounds like you and I are really similar with the pressure and back pain! I am praying for us lol cause we are only halfway there! I cannot wait until my anatomy scan because, I think I will in fact feel more connected and realize there really is a baby that's about to be here soon I love the baby I have just been so busy and stressed I haven't been able to sit and think about it much.

I definitely talk to him and he says he is kidding so hopefully he mellows out. He did tell me the other day that he thinks my pregnant frame is beautiful though. I think when he's in the mood for action though he'd rather it be just me and not pregnant me. lol. What is it with men and being so afraid of pregnancy? He will be there for the anatomy scan. I hope he is happy with the result no matter what though because I know that he would be ecstatic for a boy, since we already have a girl. He tells me all the time I am having a boy and won't even consider the possibility of this being a girl.. so we will see! hehe Thanks for being there for me honey and you also text or message me anytime!!!! *hugs*
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