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January 28th, 2013, 06:55 PM
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I don't understand it. Kara LOVES bath time... she is so happy when she hears the water turn on and is excited when I undress her to put her in. She has gotten a bath almost every night since she like 2 weeks old. Every night when I give her a bath she is happy as can be then its a light switch. All of a sudden she gets a sad face and starts crying... crying isn't the right word... screaming... that's the right word lol. She will scream bloody murder until she is being nursed. I've tried leaving her in the bath longer, thinking maybe she was unhappy about getting out but she started crying before I took her out of the bath and then I dealt with her whaling away longer because I had to still get her in the towel. I thought maybe she was cold so I wrapped her well and dried her before going out of the bathroom... also made sure the fan was off or on low but she still screams. She starts screaming before I can even get up off the floor (I sit next to the tub while bathing her) most nights.

Anyone else have little ones that love baths but still scream?
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