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January 28th, 2013, 10:39 PM
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I have friends (she is an RN and he is a paramedic) who have an entrance to their house that leads into the laundry room. They have a half bath just off the laundry room away from the main part of the house. They come in that door after working, put their clothing in the washer, take a shower and then change into clean clothing. It was something they started doing when they realized they were bringing home germs to their child and the poor dear (now a relatively healthy second grader) ended up having several hospital stays for various illnesses.
As a mother of a precious little girl and the daughter of a woman who recently went through chemo and radiation, I come in from my job in the photo lab at a pharmacy and immediately shower. I toss my 'dirty' clothes into the washer immediately so I don't expose my girls to any germs unnecessarily. I know that there are cases when a child has to go to the pharmacy with a parent, but it frustrates me when the child wipes their nose then touches everything (or so it seems) while the parent goes back to the pharmacy section of the store. I know the parent thinks it is a good thing to leave the child sitting in the front of the store, but what they don't realize is that they haven't even cleared the front door before I break out disinfectant and start trying to get rid of all the germs that have been smeared on the countertops, the photo kiosks and the fabric of the chairs. I go through lots of hand sanitizer and disinfectant as well as Lysol when I can get by with it (I wait until the store is pretty empty) because I don't want their kid to leave something that will make someone else sick and possibly (depending on their immunity) result in a hospital stay.

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