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January 29th, 2013, 12:13 AM
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Dear htjm dont loose hopes i have read ur last mag thts is the same situation happening to me althogh this my second cycle for ttc#2, only first tym ur effort ruined u hurt inside alot. When ever i alone i cant stop my tears i can feel how much u guys are feel stressing but i see one thing never notice abt it just try regularly just skip one day in betweens. And plz dont think like this u r getting older u know one of my cousin who had 3 miscarriages n she had lost her hopes can u belive it she deliverd a baby boy after 8yrs in 33yrs of age n with in next 13months she delivered a baby girl.childrens are miracles just pray for healthy n obedient child. Hopefully all of us get bfp soon lots of baby dusts to all of u.
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