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January 29th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MommaTooters View Post
Last night wasn't terribly bad but I felt like it because I'm under the weather. Sarah Beth got up at 12 to nurse and went right back to sleep. But when she woke at 3am she didn't want I go back to sleep until 4:30. I begged dh to take her and rock her but he reused...saying he needed sleep because he works. Ugh I wanted to slap him!
Oh you'll love this. Yesterday afternoon my DH told me he couldn't watch the baby because he was still "working" and then when he found out that my mom and I wanted to go out and shop and would just wait till after his work day suddenly he found the time to watch her since he wanted to play bball after work and obviously wanted me to watch her then. Somehow my face of dismay baffled him after that. So over the "work" excuse, but I'm trying to be careful of the "what I do is harder than what you do" debate. I'm hoping we can just trade off and be considerate of each other and it will work. Hopefully lol

Originally Posted by Jules_loves_beaches View Post
Ember wouldn't go back to sleep after getting up around 330. After about 90 minutes of trying, I just cuddled her in my arm and she fell asleep in the bed. DH put her in her bassinet at 8 and she slept until 930. This sleeping in the bed needs to stop! I swore I wouldn't do it!!! That's two nights in a row. In my defense, I think Ember is going through a growth spurt.
I did the same thing. I really don't want her to get used to falling asleep on me but sometimes I need what I call "survival sleep."

She's grown 2 inches since birth though and up 5oz from birth weight so I have to assume all of that would make one fussy. Also she really is getting backed up lately. I've been trying everything, but each day we seem to be back to square one.

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