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January 29th, 2013, 02:31 PM
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Well, as many of you know I journaled my PG and before that, our TTC journey.

I think since I'm only able to get on here when she's down for a nap and find it hard to respond to forum threads I'd start a journal for how she's growing and maturing.

And, since you already know her birth story I'll update you from the first month.

12.12.12 (1 month old)

My baby is a month old already! Where has the time gone?
She's changed so much since we first started this journey.

Hard to believe our sweet bundle of joy started out the size of an apple seed and is now over 7lbs and 21 inches long!

Do you see a resemblance between mommy's double chin and Annalises? lol
I think she's getting a little 'tude already.

She is starting to respond to us talking to her. It seems the more goofy our faces the more smiles we get out of her. Needless to say, there's a lot of 'baby talk' and gibberish going on at this house.

This little face has changed so much in 4 weeks. And we are enjoying more hours spent interacting with her than watching her peacefully sleep. Luckily, those waking hours are mainly during the day and not in the wee hours of the night. I feel fortunate that she doesn't have her days and nights mixed up currently. That makes for a rested momma (most of the time).

She has also taken a liking to her glowworm at bedtime. Generally after her last feeding (between 8p-11p) we give her final snuggles then lay her down and turn the worm on. It cycles through about 4-5 different songs for roughly 10 minutes and then shuts off. This seems to work well as a bedtime routine and she's beginning to learn to "self soothe" without us rocking her to sleep every time.

(Side note: This was a concern of mine due to the sheer size of our families. With a little one constantly being held I thought for sure she'd have to be held to go to sleep as well. And with mommy and daddy working long hours this would not have worked.)

Lastly, our peanut has begun holding her head up on her own and has even rolled over a few times! Whether by accident or intention, mommy was just happy to see her exercising her muscles. She's such a strong little booger already!
Pretty soon she'll be scooting her way across the play mat instead of just rolling around on it.


Annalise will be 8 weeks old on Sunday and is just full of smiles and fun.
She's also growing (and learning) like a weed!

Since my last post, she has;

-Become more aware of her surroundings, staring and tracking people.
-Become aware of her voice as she shrieks sometimes for no reason at all. lol
-Smiles when you speak or sing to her.
-Is awake for at least 8 or more hours a day.
-Has started to grasp things for extended periods of time like; rattles and blankets.
-Tries "talking" to you, though it usually only comes out as a "coo" or grunt.
-Has graduated out of her newborn diapers and into size 1's, as well as, graduating into size 0-3 and 3 month clothing. Very few newborn outfits still fit but I'm glad we got almost 2 months use out of them!
-Has a new found interest in things with bright colors and high contrast. She could stare at a picture frame for 10 minutes if you let her! lol
-Her hair is darkening, though still has a very golden blonde/brown appearance in the sunlight.
-And, she loves "tummy time" but usually ends up just napping after a while.

She has really grown on us and I've been extremely fortunate to have such a long maternity leave.
Those extra weeks really have made a difference.

And so, as another week of her life comes to a close, I will continue to savor how small she still is and catch all these milestones on camera. They're only this small once, I'll treasure it while I can.

1.11.13 (2 months old)

Time is flying as we put another month under our belt with this sweetie.

Annalise is at least 10lbs and 22 inches long now (according to our home scale). A nearly 3lb and 1 inch jump from last month. I'll be anxious to see what her exact weight and length are at her 2 month baby well visit on the 15th. She'll also get her 2 month vaccinations on the 15th and I'm not looking forward to being both the bad guy and the savior. :/
I hope she's like me and isn't afraid of needles once its all said and done...

Side note, it is getting really difficult to get pictures of her without her limbs being blurry because she is moving all.the.time.

Her face has matured quite a bit since last month. She no longer has that "newborn" look to her which makes me both sad and excited. Sad because I know my baby girl is growing up but excited because I'm anxious to see how her looks continue to develop.

She is just SO expressive and continues to love bath time. Being naked really. She likes that a lot.
But then again what baby doesn't like to be nakey?

We've also come to discover that she's a tummy sleeper. My husband and I went back and forth about this because of all the research done with SIDS and the risks of having an infant sleep on their stomach, etc. but this is truly the only way this girl gets more than an hour or two of sleep.

Mommy. Too.

Usually after her last feeding we can read a bedtime story, snuggle, then lay her on her tummy and play the glow worm. Within minutes she is asleep.
It has worked wonderfully and she's been sleeping 5 hours at a time through the night.
She even naps like this in her crib in the late morning and evening hours.

While she still remains mommy's little girl, she has shown more of an interest in facing outward and sitting up like a "big girl." Wants to be in on the action and is forever gazing at picture frames!
Her obsession with these I will never understand.

She even gets propped up on the couch with mom and dad when we're trying to catch up on a TV show.
And while it appears she might be looking at the TV, I'm sure her eyesight isn't that keen just yet.

Speaking of, her eyes now stare at your mouth when you speak. She really studies it and sometimes will respond with laughter even if what you're saying isn't funny.
Oh brother. Silly girl.

She thinks everything is funny.

Such is the life of a baby. Pretty soon she won't be my baby anymore. Pretty soon she'll be crawling and gabbing back at me in baby language.

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