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January 29th, 2013, 02:49 PM
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I think DH was way more scarred by my giving birth than I was. Afterwards he said, "We are NEVER doing that again." And then every time I brought up having another, he'd say something along the lines of "Are you kidding me? Do you even remember what it was like giving birth?!" He's very much a protector, and to see me in that much pain for so long, and there being nothing he could do about it was really hard for him. And then of course this pregnancy has been way harder than the first, so every time I'm puking my guts up, or laying in bed feeling miserable, he makes oh-so-helpful comments such as, "And why did you want to get pregnant again? We are never doing this again!" haha...poor guy. He loves being a dad, but pregnancy, labour, and delivery are just too much for him!

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