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January 30th, 2013, 05:23 AM
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My family was never religious and did not go to church. I remember going to a Methodist church with my Grandma a few times and it was so boring and I didn't really get anything out of it other than wearing a dress and looking at the pretty stained glass windows.

Another time a friend invited us to go to a church with her, a group of about 5 or 6 of us kids went and it was a holy roller, charismatic kind of place. At the end of the service they had all of us kids come forward and surrounded us wanting us to be filled with Jesus and talk in tongues. It was seriously one of the most scary situations I've ever been in. One of the moms showed up right then and put a stop to it. We never went back.

In high school I went with another friend to a similar kind of church and kind of got sucked in until I couldn't handle the guilt of being a sinner any more. I always thought religion should make you feel good not like crap.

Since then, I,ve not ever really been to church. I feel that religion and spirituality is something that I have in me and don't need to go to an organized gathering to have faith.
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