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January 30th, 2013, 07:07 AM
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Thanks everyone!!!! I am perfectly ok with her being tiny, I just want to get the underlying cause of her FFT and abnormal bloodwork and urinalysis figured out ASAP so I'm not constantly worried about her not gaining or her kidneys and liver working overtime and damage being done to them. If she was tiny from birth, it wouldn't be a huge issue. She was relatively big and then completely fell off the charts in less than a month and now is struggling to stay on the charts.

I just weighed her at DH's work (they have a digital scale to weigh packages, LOL, I was desperate). She is 12.5 lbs. Good news, it is a gain; bad news, it's a very small gain in a month. That puts her right between the 4th and 5th percentile. More bad news is that she is falling lower on the curve than last month. This is what they didn't want to see.

But, the positives, like some of you have pointed out, I can easily carry her around everywhere and hold her most all the time without it being any physical strain. She does look so funny sitting up or when she stands up holding on to our fingers. She was doing that with DH over the weekend and I just died laughing. She looked like a couple week old baby with super strength because she was sitting alone and standing up with great balance and strength holding on to her daddy's fingers.

She does seem to be developing normally in all other senses but her weight and that is a HUGE blessing!
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