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January 30th, 2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawyers_Mommy View Post
Question- Am I the only one who goes to sleep even if my kid is wide awake? lol. Of course I don't do that with my 2yr old but like at night if for some reason Marshall is wide awake after a feeding, I just lay him back down and go to sleep. I figure if I was to stay up with him he'd be doing the same exact thing he's doing with me sleeping so why not sleep? I just see alot of you saying you didn't get sleep cause your LO's were wide awake so I was wondering.
Sometimes if she's wide awake and calm I'll back away and go back to bed but the wide awake I stick around for is when I know she is awake and uncomfortable me and about to cry any moment. I'm cool with her being up but she doesn't seem as keen to lie nicely in her crib when she is awake which is unfortunate!

Definitely get sleep when you can. Nothing wrong with sleeping while a happy baby lays content in his crib!

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