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January 31st, 2013, 08:01 AM
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VICKY!!!!!--GAWD---and from YOUR MOTHER?!?!? Holey jeezus!!! I think that's one of the WORST reactions I've ever heard...and from a mom...

Wow ladies---your replies have run a gamut--not saying anything bad about any of you, just the reactions from others that I'm just scratching my head, stil wondering why this topic can't get the love and support it DESERVES.

DH and I were going to really 'try' last year in January...and then his company announced mass layoffs, so we said 'ok, we'll wait'...he was spared by the grace of God, but it put a new spin on his career---he works out of state 20 days a month and is home anywhere from 4-8 days. No problem--he and I are both Navy vets, used to separation---and we are so grateful a 12 year career at the same company wasn't finished. So, this year, we 'didn't try/didn't prevent'---and in the middle of things, one of my DH's sisters got pregnant. When I say I'm SO happy for her--I TRULY mean it--she's had infertility issues BIGTIME, and suffered a miscarriage last when she announced she was pregnant, to be honest, I'm probably more excited about her baby than people related to her, which is kind of sad. DH's/SIL's parents are the kind who preach to anyone/everyone when it comes to kids, "You only need ONE!!!" But as for me, between the age thing (and yes, some/MANY people ARE jerks about that!) and SIL being pregnant and the LAST thing I want tossed at me 'oh you're trying to steal her thunder' (which is NOT remotely the case)---I think I'm going to keep my trap shut.
I am *NOT* giving up...and fingers crossed and best wishes to all on this site!

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