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January 31st, 2013, 10:09 AM
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Hi ladies. I will try to make this short. My son has a severe speech delay. He went for his hearing test, but it was just a bad time of day for him so he was uncooperative. They rescheduled for Feb 11th. I was under the impression that he would get his speech eval. done at the same time. I found out it was just a hearing test. Having a PPO, I decided why wait for hearing test results to get him evaluated for speech. I don't need his hearing checked to know he is delayed. I am still taking him to get his hearing checked to cover my bases though. Anyhow, I went to a good speech and language place right by my house and am just waiting for confirmation that insurance will cover it.

I also called his pediatrician for a recommondation on where to go to get his development checked. His fine and gross motor skills are great and socially is okay,but not outstanding. He gets excited when he sees his friends but doesn't play with other kids. In preschool, he is finally going to the other kids to see what they are doing and sitting with them at lunch. He goes from 9 - 12 two days a week.

What can I expect from a developmental evaluation? Is there anything I should take with me or prepare beforehand? What about the speech evaluation?

Thanks for helping me out. Hubby was dead set against him going to be evaluated, and was hoping preschool would help. He now admits that his son is behind and needs some extra help.

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