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January 31st, 2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Mommie2One View Post
I do egg white omelets (either just a TINY sprinkle of cheese or no cheese) with lots of different veggies and some fresh fruit. Some turkey bacon with 1/2 cup of cheerios and 1/2 cup 1% milk, and some fresh fruit. 1-2 pieces of Canadian bacon (ham rounds) with one piece of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit. 1-2 pieces of Canadian bacon and 2 scrambled egg whites, and fresh fruit. 1-2 scrambled egg whites with some salsa mixed in put in a whole wheat high fiber Ole tortilla and some fresh fruit (sometimes I add a piece of canadian bacon in with it and/or a TBSP or two of no fat refried beans to make a b-fast burrito).

I always have a protein, many times have something low carb (whole wheat torilla, whole wheat toast, or 1/2 cup of cheerios), as well as a piece of fresh fruit (usually a banana).

I'm also Type 2 diabetic, 100% diet controlled, so not only is b-fast very important for me, but keeping it balanced and having protein is very important for me as well.

Once in a blue moon I will have a couple pieces of turkey bacon along with a homemade (small) fresh blueberry pancake (no butter or syrup, just the pancake with some fresh blueberries in it), but that's a huge treat and only once a month at best.
That was very helpful! I try to watch my carbs because I've had gestational diabetes 3 times, my dad has type 2, and I have two nephews (my sister's kids) with Type 1, so there's a good chance I could end up with Type 2 when I am older.

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