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January 31st, 2013, 10:58 AM
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Unfortunately you don't have to be "older" to get it. I was diagnosed with Type 2 when I was only 28 years old. They're pretty sure it was more genetics than anything since everyone, and I do mean everyone on my mother's side of the family has it and 99% of the folks on my father's side have it as well. My eating habits were not the greatest, but given my young age, they're leaning more towards genetics. So, just saying, it's a common myth that you have to be older to get type 2, and that's not the case.

Watching carbs is good, but you do not have to eliminate them. Even being diabetic, I'm allowed 15 grams of carbs per snack and up to 50 per full course meal. And, it's about the type as well, things high in fiber, like wheat breads and tortillas are better than white. So, it isn't just about the carbs, but the type as well, also what it is paired with.

I try to have at least one piece of fresh fruit with each snack as well as with b-fast and lunch, a protein with each meal, and a starch/carb at each meal as well. Doing it this way, I've been 100% diet controlled for 2 years now without an issue.

Good luck to you!
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