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January 31st, 2013, 12:20 PM
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I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the painted cat/dog. Before you get mad at me for it, two of my kids (when they were younger) got into latex house paint while I was in the shower and got it EVERYWHERE. Thankfully we had leather furniture so it came off pretty easy. Getting it out of my daughter's hair, not so great. They even put a washcloth in there to spread it around more. Ugh...

ANYWAY, they make those little door alarms, you should get one for his door. That way you can hear when he gets up. Or if you don't shut his door, put all the dangerous/important stuff in certain cupboards and put the alarm on hat. They even sell them at the dollar store here, so you can find them very inexpensively.

My husband had a video game obsession for a while too, and I cured it by trading all the games that caused problems to the Game Stop here for credit. We moved the system down into the kids' playroom. He'll even admit that he was a complete d-bag during that time, now that it's over with.. He was a little mad about the waste of money, since obviously we didn't get full credit on a used game, but he got over it and has a more healthy hobby. Now he goes fishing during the spring-fall. He is outside, hanging out with actual people, and bringing home food for our family **** near almost every time he goes out.

I'm sorry your body isn't cooperating. I don't know you enough to tell you not to try for another baby, or to go to counseling or anything, so I wont.

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