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January 31st, 2013, 08:27 PM
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I have two speech delayed kids and I have never had to bring or prepare for anything for any of their evaluations. Just show up, answer questions, and let them do their thing

As far as the hearing test, it is an important part of a speech evaluation because if there is hearing loss, they can treat it and that will improve speech. Being unable to hear or hearing things muffled makes it hard to learn correct speech sounds! My little guy is three and could not pass a hearing test so he was sent to an ENT--his eardrums did not work properly because there was so much fluid buildup. It couldn't be seen by the regular ear exam the pedi does so without the failed hearing tests and referral to the ENT, we would not have known. The ENT used meds to dry out his ears and he had a small speech burst but as soon as he stopped the meds, his ears filled back up. He had a set of ear tubes put in back in November and he can finally pass a hearing test His speech is still delayed but he has more words and hears better and it is making it easier for his speech therapist to work with him
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