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January 31st, 2013, 11:40 PM
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Hey girls!

So I really need some advice... and I'm totally embarrassed and please don't judge me about it. I've tried talking to close friends but not a lot of them are married so its hard for them to relate.

My marriage sucks. It just sucks. We never spend time together. If my DH is not at work or school he's home sitting on his butt playing video games. I have to tell him to do things over and over. If it weren't for me our daughter would never get taken care of. We don't talk. We don't kiss. I have no urge to kiss or DTD with him. We have DTD only 3 times in 10 months. We are living two completely normal lives.

Is it over? I think about divorce all the time.

I don't want to break up my family and make things harder for Ava but I'm miserable.

Advice? Anything?

Forever missing my 3 angel babies. Sep 2010, Nov 2010, Jan 2011
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